Tax exemption under Section 80G

As a cow sanctuary (gaushala) that only houses old, infirm, and abandoned animals, the expense we incur to care of our animals is high. Costs such as fodder and employee salaries make up the majority of our expenses. We have always tried to raise funds for our gaushala, to improve the quality of life for the cattle under our care. And now we have achieved another milestone in pursuit of this goal.

We have been registered under 12-Clause (iv) of first proviso to sub-section (5) of section 80G. And now all donations to our organisation after June 22, 2022 are eligible for income tax exemption under 80G. Donors will find it more attractive to give to our organisation, and the increased fund raising will help us to care for our animals even better.

And, in the future, we intend to share the benefits with other gaushalas and cow sanctuaries operating in Himachal Pradesh. We have plans to start fundraising campaign for other gaushalas, so that all the old, infirm, and abandoned cattle in Himachal can enjoy a healthy life.

If you are donor, and you’d like to contribute to our work, you can donate on our website here:

To be eligible for tax exemption, please provide as much details like your name, address, and an ID card (like PAN card, Aadhar, Driving License, Voter’s ID). We will need to file this information with our tax return for you to get the benefit of the exemption.

The Unique Registration Number (URN) for our 80G registration is


For any queries please write to or call +91-7876698328.

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If you want to help out, you can head over to our donation page. Donations are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

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