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Who We Are

Him Gau Sanrakshan Samiti is a non-profit organisation based in HP, and we work toward improving lives of old, infirm, and abandoned animals in Himachal Pradesh.

Why Donate to Us

✓ Improve the Lives of Old, Abandoned Cattle

Your contribution will help us give a healthy meal to  these poor souls.

✓ Complete Transparency

We give you complete details (bills, pictures) of how we use your donation.

✓ Tax Benefit under Section 80G

Donations to our NGO are eligible for exemption under section 80G.

Choose Your Donation

Fodder Fundraiser #1

Green Fodder (Silage)

Corn silage is very nutritious and it is highly digestible.

Goal for Order: 2500 Kg
Donate Corn Silage

Dry Fodder (Tudi)

Tudi or Wheat Straw is fed to the cattle to help them feel full. It’s a good supplement to green fodder.

Goal for Order: 2500 Kg
Donate Tudi (Wheat Straw)

Chokar (Wheat Bran)

Chokar (Wheat Bran) is an excellent feed for cattle as it is highly nutritious, and is known for helping with digestion.

Goal for Order: 4 Bags
Donate Chokar (Wheat Bran)