Help us take care of old, infirm cattle

About Us

Our NGO was started in 2020, with an aim to care for old, abandoned, and infirm cattle. We run Dr. YS Parmar Gausadan, a cow sanctuary that houses 160 cattle in Sirmaur, HP.

These poor animals had no home. After serving humans for years, they were cast out, just because they couldn’t produce milk, or because they got too old to work the fields.


Male calves are often abandoned right after birth, because they are considered a burden to their owners.

Help Us Out

Tax benefit under 80G

Donations to our NGO are eligible for exemption under section 80G.

Running a cow sanctuary is expensive, and we require all the help we can get. We can benefit from your contributions.


We require Dry fodder(Turi), green fodder, Silage, Chokar (Wheat Bran), and medicines for our animals.


You can help stray, old, and abandoned cows in Himachal Pradesh by donating to our organisation.

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